WoTUG 21
Architectures, Languages and Patterns for Parallel
and Distributed Applications

Further Details

This conference addresses the theory, technology and applications of parallel and distributed computing. At the application level, the emphasis will be on reporting how the theory and technology was used -- design patterns leading to simple, secure and efficient systems. Experiences on the use of Java, Limbo and occam / Handel (to design and implement both hardware and software) will be particularly relevant.

The conference also has a tutorial program aimed at anyone responsible for teaching in the above areas. With the growing number of Universities switching to Java as the prime language for imperative programming, this meeting is especially timely.

WoTUG 21 is the 21st Technical Conference of the World occam and Transputer User Group - a world-wide network of scientists and engineers engaged in the theory, implementation and application of parallel and distributed systems. Long outgrown its original focus on occam and the Transputer, WoTUG's coming of age reflects a growing maturity in analysis, modeling and solutions of real-world problems through the use of safe and simple multi-threaded and distributed techniques. Traditionally, these techniques have not been described as safe and simple, but it is these attributes that have always driven the technical developments reported and discussed at the WoTUG meetings. Come along, but be prepared to talk all through the night...


Main themes for this year's conference include:

Programme Committee

The scientific program is refereed by the international WoTUG committee at /parallel/groups/wotug/committee.html

Published Proceedings

The Proceedings will be published by IOS Press, Netherlands as part of the Concurrent Systems Engineering Series (ISSN 1383-7575).
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