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%T Schedulability Analysis of Timed CSP Models Using the PAT Model Checker
%A Oguzcan Oguz, Jan F. Broenink, Angelika Mader
%E Peter H. Welch, Frederick R. M. Barnes, Kevin Chalmers, Jan Bækgaard Pedersen, Adam T. Sampson
%B Communicating Process Architectures 2012
%X Timed CSP can be used to model and analyse real\-time and
   concurrent behaviour of embedded control systems. Practical
   CSP implementations combine the CSP model of a real\-time
   control system with prioritized scheduling to achieve
   efficient and orderly use of limited
   resources. Schedulability analysis of a timed CSP model of a
   system with respect to a scheduling scheme and a particular
   execution platform is important to ensure that the system
   design satisfies its timing requirements. In this paper, we
   propose a framework to analyse schedulability of CSP\-based
   designs for non\-preemptive fixed\-priority
   multiprocessor scheduling. The framework is based on the PAT
   model checker and the analysis is done with dense\-time
   model checking on timed CSP models. We also provide a
   schedulability analysis workflow to construct and analyse,
   using the proposed framework, a timed CSP model with
   scheduling from an initial untimed CSP model without
   scheduling. We demonstrate our schedulability analysis
   workflow on a case study of control software design for a
   mobile robot. The proposed approach
   provides non\-pessimistic schedulability results.

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