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Annual Conference: Communicating Process Architectures

Communicating Process Architectures 2017, the 39th. WoTUG conference on concurrent and parallel systems, takes place from Sunday August 20th. to Wednesday August 23rd. 2017 and is hosted by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Malta. Conference sessions will take place at the Auditorium of the University of Malta, Valletta Campus.

About WoTUG

WoTUG provides a forum for the discussion and promotion of concurrency ideas, tools and products in computer science. It organises specialist workshops and annual conferences that address key concurrency issues at all levels of software and hardware granularity. WoTUG aims to progress the leading state of the art in:

  • theory (programming models, process algebra, semantics, ...);
  • practice (multicore processors and run-times, clusters, clouds, libraries, languages, verification, model checking, ...);
  • education (at school, undergraduate and postgraduate levels, ...);
  • applications (complex systems, modelling, supercomputing, embedded systems, robotics, games, e-commerce, ...);
and to stimulate discussion and ideas on the roles concurrency will play in the future:
  • for the next generation of scalable computer infrastructure (hard and soft) and application, where scaling means the ability to ramp up functionality (stay in control as complexity increases) as well as physical metrics (such as absolute performance and response times);
  • for system integrity (dependability, security, safety, liveness, ...);
  • for making things simple.
Of course, neither of the above sets of bullets are exclusive.

WoTUG publications

A database of papers and presentations from WoTUG conferences is here. The Abstract below has been randomly selected from this database.

Mobile Agents and Processes using Communicating Process Architectures

By Jon Kerridge, Jens-Oliver Haschke, Kevin Chalmers

The mobile agent concept has been developed over a number of years and is widely accepted as one way of solving problems that require the achievement of a goal that cannot be serviced at a specific node in a network. The concept of a mobile process is less well developed because implicitly it requires a parallel environment within which to operate. In such a parallel environment a mobile agent can be seen as a specialization of a mobile process and both concepts can be incorporated into a single application environment, where both have well defined requirements, implementation and functionality. These concepts are explored using a simple application in which a node in a network of processors is required to undertake some processing of a piece of data for which it does not have the required process. It is known that the required process is available somewhere in the network. The means by which the required process is accessed and utilized is described. As a final demonstration of the capability we show how a mobile meeting organizer could be built that allows friends in a social network to create meetings using their mobile devices given that they each have access to the others' on-line diaries.

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