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Annual Conference: Communicating Process Architectures

Communicating Process Architectures 2015, the 37th. WoTUG conference on concurrent and parallel systems, takes place from Sunday August 23rd. to Wednesday August 26th. 2015 and is hosted by the School of Computing, University of Kent. Accommodation and evening Fringe sessions will be at Keynes College, a few minutes walk from the School.

About WoTUG

WoTUG provides a forum for the discussion and promotion of concurrency ideas, tools and products in computer science. It organises specialist workshops and annual conferences that address key concurrency issues at all levels of software and hardware granularity. WoTUG aims to progress the leading state of the art in:

  • theory (programming models, process algebra, semantics, ...);
  • practice (multicore processors and run-times, clusters, clouds, libraries, languages, verification, model checking, ...);
  • education (at school, undergraduate and postgraduate levels, ...);
  • applications (complex systems, modelling, supercomputing, embedded systems, robotics, games, e-commerce, ...);
and to stimulate discussion and ideas on the roles concurrency will play in the future:
  • for the next generation of scalable computer infrastructure (hard and soft) and application, where scaling means the ability to ramp up functionality (stay in control as complexity increases) as well as physical metrics (such as absolute performance and response times);
  • for system integrity (dependability, security, safety, liveness, ...);
  • for making things simple.
Of course, neither of the above sets of bullets are exclusive.

WoTUG publications

A database of papers and presentations from WoTUG conferences is here. The Abstract below has been randomly selected from this database.

Occam program synthesis for execution on parallel machines: Towards a transformational approach

By Xiaobo Yu, Traian Muntean

In this paper, we present a parallel program synthesis system which provides formal, methods and techniques for derivation and correct construction of implementations of occam programs on networks of transputers. The transformation rules are represented by a set of powerful algebraic laws of occam in order to perform the necessary transformation steps towards abstract forms representing models of execution of associated virtual machines.The program synthesis system can be applied to various aspects of parallel programming in a distributed environment, from the communication protocol design and correctness proof of implementation to parallel program construction, program optimisation, mapping strategies etc.Special emphasis is put on the transformation control strategies and guidance combined with information of the machine configuration, in order to achieve program optimisations, increasing parallelism granularity, altering inter-process communication patterns, for efficient execution on the physical parallelism offered by target transputer machines. An example of application of the transformation system to the distributed implementation of global synchronisations is given.

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