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CPA 2011 Registration

The CPA 2011 registration fee is €305 and covers:

  • one copy of the CPA Proceedings;
  • entry to all CPA sessions (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday);
  • Sunday evening reception (at Scholars);
  • Monday evening banquet (at Knappogue, including travel);
  • Tuesday evening opening reception for FM2011 (hosted by Lero);
  • all tea/coffee breaks and lunches (Monday through Wednesday lunch).

More details (places/times) will appear here later. The Sunday and Tuesday evening receptions will have finger food and some wine, so a light meal beforehand (not included in the registration fee) is strongly advised. No campus dining halls will be open on Sunday evening but there is a hotel, Chinese restaurant and other facilities just outside the campus – again, details will be posted here later. The Sunday evening reception and Monday evening banquet will be joint with the IEEE Software Engineering Workshop.

Note: the Sunday and Tuesday evening (light) meals are the only meals not included in either the registration or accommodation (which includes breakfasts) fees.

CPA 2011 registration will be processed through the FM 2011 website, using offices of the IEEE. See the survival guide below.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night accommodation needs to be booked separately. En-suite bed-and-breakfast accommodation on campus is €52 per night – i.e. €156 for the three nights.

CPA 2011 Registration Survival Guide

Registration is via IEEE web-forms starting here ... but hang on ... please read below!

  • These forms are for registration only – see below for booking accommodation.
  • These forms are managed by the IEEE who price everything in US$. The CPA fee of €305 translates into $460 (in anticipation of a falling US$).
  • When you follow the above starting here link, the first page ("Screen 1") has logos for all events except CPA and WoTUG. Do not worry, you are on the right track.
  • Continue to the next page ("Screen 2").
  • Very Important: for the "Registration Category", select "Workshop only". Do not leave it with the default selected for you, as you will then be charged for registering to FM 2011.
  • Fill in the "General Registration" information. Warning: in the "Country/Region" selector, the United Kingdom is spelt "UK" and is in the wrong alphabetical order place (after "UNITED ARAB EMIRATES"). The "USA" is also incorrectly positioned.
  • Continue to the next page ("Screen 3").
  • First question: choose "None Selected". Second question: choose "Other". Third question: choose "None Selected".
  • "Tutorials" section: these are all co-incident with CPA sessions. For the sub-sections Monday Morning, Monday Afternoon and Tuesday Morning, check the "None Selected" option. Leave the Tuesday afternoon sub-section alone (no choices to make here).
  • "Workshops" section: check the first box for "W1: Communicating Process Architectures (CPA 2011) US$460". Please note what it says about what CPA registration includes (which is the same as listed above).
  • The other workshops are all coincident with CPA sessions. For the Monday and Tuesday sub-sections, check the "None Selected" options.
  • "Additional Items" section: ignore this unless you are bringing guests to these evening events. The "Sunday Evening Reception in Scholars" and "Knappogue Castle Dinner" are included in the CPA fee for each delegate (the form says this for the latter but not for the former). The "Dromoland Banquet" takes place on Thursday evening - you are welcome to sign up for this, but CPA closes after Wednesday lunchtime.
  • Continue to the next page ("Screen 4").
  • Complete payment details and "Submit and Finish". [Some delegates have reported a refusal at this point with the message: "This transaction cannot be accepted". The IEEE have reported a transient glitch in their server processing credit cards and we believe that has now been resolved. If anything still goes wrong, please mail us: cpa2011@wotug.org. Thanks.]

CPA 2011 Accommodation Booking

Delegates are asked to book campus accommodation. Accommodation will be in the Cappavilla Village on campus. This consists of new buildings (September 2006), all with ensuite (shower and toilet) rooms and arranged in apartments with fully equipped kitchen and lounge areas. CPA delegates will be booked into the same blocks, so late night talk may continue.

The rate per night (including breakfast) is €52 for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. Additional nights may also be booked.

Booking is made simply by emailing your requirements to Deirdre Ryan at:


The subject line must include the word "CPA" so that you will be allocated a room in the correct group of apartments. These details are also given on this page, which also includes some nice photos.

CPA 2011 Student Bursaries

WoTUG is sponsoring a limited number of bursaries for students. These have the value of £100 and will be paid directly to student delegates at the conference either in Euros, US Dollars or GB Pounds (at the conversion rate then current). This is intended for reimbursing students' sponsoring departments some of their expenses. A receipt will need to be signed.

To apply, students should send an email with the subject "Bursary" to:


This email should request one Student Bursary for attending CPA 2011 and attach a signed letter from their supervisor (or departmental administrator) confirming their student status. Students applying for bursaries must not be in receipt of a full-time salary. We will reply confirming whether we have been able to award the Bursary.

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