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PVaniM - Visualizing PVM Executions
PVaniM is a new system that provides animated program visualizations of the executions of PVM 3.3 applications. PVaniM includes both a set of graphics views and a tracing package to drive the views. Unlike the performance visualizations of ParaGraph, PVaniM focuses on visualizations of the actual execution and correctness of a program. PVaniM provides a number of views that show different perspectives on the dynamics and history of of the message passing in an application, as well as a more performance oriented Gantt chart view. Graphical objects in a PVaniM view also can be queried to determine their representation. PVaniM can animate the execution of a program according to a logical clock, thus truly presenting the (potential) concurrency of the application. Finally, PVaniM tracing provides support for custom user event tracing. Similarly, users can design and develop their own application-specific program views using the Polka animation system upon which PVaniM is built.

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Author: Brad Topol and John T. Stasko (, GVU Center, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332-0280

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