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The links below give local and remote resources and contact information for the software, hardware and other vendors.

Vendors Links

3L; Active Tools; Alpha Data; Alta; Amdahl; APR; AVL; Alex; Cambridge Parallel Processing; Convex; Cray Research; CSA; DEC; ELCOM; Elegant Math; Embedded Solution; Formal Systems; Fujitsu; Hewlett-Packard; HPCWire; IBM Power Parallel; Integrated Computing Engines; INMOS; Intel SSD; KAI; Lateiner Dataspace Corporation; MasPar; MatheMatrix; Meiko; NAG; N.A. Software; NCube; NEC; NGIT; Oxford Parallel; PACT; Pallas; Parasoft; Parsys; Parsytec; Perihelion; Platform Computing; Portland Group; Quadrics; Sequent; SGS-Thomson Microelectronics; Siemens-Nixdorf; Silicon Graphics; Sun; Sundance; Sunnyside; Tandem; Tao; Thinking Silicon; Texas Instruments; Telmat; Tera Computer; Thinking Machines; Traquair; Transtech; Unisys.

Vendors Alphabetical by name

3L - Alex; Convex - Fujitsu; HP - Meiko; NAG - PGI; Quadrics - Unisys

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