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CPA 2008 Information for Authors

The Program Committee reserves the right to reject submissions or final copy that does not meet the style guidelines and other conditions set out below.

Paper submission has now closed. The following instructions are for authors of papers accepted, usually subject to correction or revision, for the conference.

Instructions for accepted papers

Papers must conform to the IOS Press guidelines for CPA proceedings, below, and should be no more than 20 pages long.

Referees will be asked to comment on the appropriateness of the length of the paper, as well as the quality of the content; overlong papers will not be accepted without significant revision.

Papers should be submitted, in pdf, to cpa-submissions@cs.york.ac.uk Final copy must be received before 7 July 2008.

On acceptance, you will have been allocated to CPA Proceedings Editor If you have any questions, you can the communciate directly with your editor. Before acceptance, email cpa-submissions@cs.york.ac.uk, atating clearly state your paper title and authors.

  1. Accepted papers must be amended in the light of issues raised in the referees' reports. Summarise your amendments, and include (in a separate document) the summary with your final copy. Please communciate directly with your CPA Proceedings Editor concerning any issues relating to the referees' reports and necessary changes. Unless referees' comments are restricted to typography, you will need to check your revisions with your CPA Proceedings Editor before submission of final copy: please ensure that you do this in plenty of time to meet the CRC deadline.
  2. Check that you have met all the style guidelines, below.

IOS Press guidelines for CPA proceedings

Guidelines, to be strictly adhered to by all accepted papers, are available in three forms:

PLEASE PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION to section numbering, section/subsection heading capitalisation, paragraph spacing, orphan elimination, table and diagram captions, references etc.. Please note that Introduction, References, Acknowledgements and any Appendix sections are un-numbered.

Submission of final copy for papers accepted for publication

Papers must be recieved no later than the deadline of 7 July 2008. Email the completed paper, conforming to the formatting rules and with page numbering and running headers, as a PDF file, along with all the sources used to generate the PDF, to your CPA Proceedings Editor:

  • For copy produced using LaTeX, collect together all source files as a zip or tar-file. Include your source file (.tex) and the matching .pdf file, every style file that you have used in processing the paper, the summary of your response to referees' comments, and all additional files such as diagrams.
  • For copy produced using Microsoft Word, you need to send the .doc file and the .pdf, and the summary of your response to referees' comments. The .doc must be readable in Office 2003 (or earlier) versions of Word. If your paper relies on any additional files, you should include these as well.

In order for your CRC to appear in the proceedings, at least one author must register for the conference, before the close of early registrations on 30 June 2008.

You must also complete the author declaration, in relation to the Publisher's disclaimer and copyright, see below.

Registration is not yet open.

Publisher's disclaimer and copyright

For papers published by IOS Press in the Proceedings of CPA 2008, authors retain copyright in their work.

However, as part of the publishing agreement, IOS Press requires a warranty from the commissioner of these Proceedings (in this case, the University of Kent) that holds IOS Press harmless from any "ill effects, suits, claims and proceedings" that may be taken against them as a result of anything bad in the book. Details of the undertaking and the steps that you must take to support this undertaking will appear here in due course. The University of Kent has given that undertaking, below.

  • 10. The University hereby warrants to the Publisher that the said work is in no way a violation of any existing copyright or other right or agreement and that it contains nothing of an objectionable or libellous character and that he and his legal representatives will hold harmless the Publisher from all ill effects, suits, claims and proceedings which may be taken or suffered by publishers or others upon the ground that the said work is such a violation or contains anything objectionable or libellous.

In turn, the University of Kent requires the editors to obtain a declaration from one (or more) author(s) of each paper to be published in the proceedings, placing the same warranty from the author(s) to the Univeristy of Kent. Therefore, the above paragraph, and following action, is a further condition to forwarding your paper to IOS Press for printing in the Proceedings.

Please print this PDF file, which takes the form of a letter from you to Professor Peter Welch of the Univeristy of Kent. Please fill in the title of your paper in the space provided - handwriting (legible) is fine. Please also fill in your name (in capitals) and address, at the bottom, and sign and date it. For each paper, only one author needs to be named and sign the letter - however, more may do so if they wish. Please fax the completed letter to Peter Welch at +44 1227 762811 (international).

Finally, please also post your signed letter to Peter Welch at the address given in the letter. We must have this before our final camera-ready copy deadline, along with your (emailed) paper.

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