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CPA 2008 Call for Papers

IOS proceedings The theme of CPA 2008 is concurrency: the theory of concurrency, and concurrency as applied to software and hardware development, validation, verification, and implementation.
The special interest session on hardware/software co-design is back by popular demand.
Contributions may be regular papers presenting novel, unpublished research, ideas, or accomplishments. All submissions will be reviewed, and feedback given to authors.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Theoretical approaches to concurrency, and formal languages supporting these approaches, including the integration of existing formal notations;
  • Modelling of, and model-driven development of concurrent software architectures;
  • Verification and analysis of concurrent systems;
  • Model-checking techniques and tools for development and analysis;
  • Theoretical approaches to hardware-software co-design;
  • Tools and languages for hardware-software co-design;
  • Verification and analysis of hardware-software co-design systems;
  • Programming languages and environments for concurrent systems;
  • Environments for distributed applications, such as grid applications;
  • Hardware and machine architectures such as multiprocessor cores and instructiion set design;
  • Reconfigurable computing, and tools relating to reconfigurable computing;
  • Programming and implementation issues for concurrent languages; such as deadlock-freedom by design, starvation, and efficient inter-process communication architectures;
  • System issues for programming languages supporting concurrency, such as multithreading kernels and interrupt architectures;
  • Applications that exploit, or rely on, concurrency.

For instructions regarding the format for submitted papers, and the submission process, and information about copyright, please see Information for authors.

Important dates

CPA 2008 CoSMoS Workshop 2008
Submission Friday 25 April 2008 CoSMoS Workshop: Wednesday **18** June 2008
Notification of acceptance Friday 6 June 2008 CoSMoS Workshop: Wednesday 16 July 2008
**CPA Fringe Contributions due** **Monday 14 July 2008**
**Early registration closes** **Friday 18 July 2008** CoSMoS Workshop: Friday 18 July 2008
CRC due Monday 7 July 2008 CoSMoS Workshop: 1 August 2008
Conference 7 - 10 September 2008 11 September 2008

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